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These are a series of short videos to help improve specific elements in your dancing. For TBC Tidbit release notification and other videos including competitions and performances, please subscribe to our YouTube channel!


Rumba Warm Up

A rumba practice routine to implement technique, arm styling, body movement, etc


How to do spiral turns and tips to improve them

Rock Step

Tips to improve the rock step in the East Coast Swing

Chase Turns & 3 Chas

Options for styling chase turns and 3 chas in the American style cha cha

Promenade Position

Tips to improve promenade position in Tango


Quick tips to improve spins and turns

Spot Turn

A brief explanation of a walk around or spot turn

3-Step Turn

A brief explanation of a 3-Step Turn

Switching Dance Partners

Thoughts to consider about social dancing

How to Developpe

Balance tips and variations on developpes

Lift and Sink

You may have heard of rise and fall...but have you heard of their cousins lift and sink?

Strides in Smooth

Quick exercise to help you maximize your strides in Smooth

Standing Leg

Use your standing leg for power and control in your dancing

Arm Styling

Introductory Exercise for Arm Styling

Controlling Rise

Quick exercise to help control foot rise

Underarm Turns

Tips to improve underarm turns

pffT - Timing

PFFT stands for Posture, Frame, Footwork, Timing. This video focuses on timing in Rumba.

pfFt - Footwork

PFFT stands for Posture, Frame, Footwork, Timing. This video focuses on footwork in Smooth.

pFft - Frame

PFFT stands for Posture, Frame, Footwork, Timing. This video focuses on Frame, an essential part of connecting with your partner.

Pfft - Posture

Tips and tools to improve posture

Hiro Step

Argentine Tango step to practice control, posture, balance, and contra-body movement

Practice Box

A simple practice routine to implement technique

The Wiggle

How to elevate "the wiggle," ladies' styling and setting the mood

Cuban Motion Basics

First foundations of Cuban motion


An acronym to help improve the use of your moving foot

How to Dip

A short instructional guide on how to dip in partner dancing

Weight Transfer

Quick helpful instruction for the fundamental of weight transfer