Gil Aromas is a Cleveland-area native and the son of Filipino immigrants, who danced and performed folks dances during his grade school and high school years. He found the world of ballroom dancing while pursuing a business degree. Two decades later, he is the owner of The Ballroom Company, competes professionally in regional competitions, teaches dance to anyone who will listen to his ramblings, and most importantly, is the father and taxi driver of 3 extraordinary children.

Nicole Nieves has been dancing most of her life and became a professional ballroom dancer in 2001. She also teaches high school social studies and has a Master's Degree of Education in Curriculum and Instruction. When Nicole is not dancing or teaching, she loves to spend time with her family.

Originally hailing from Parkman, a small town east of Cleveland, Tom Williams is a graduate of Walsh University, a professional musician and liturgist, as well as the coordinator for the High School Life Teen Ministry at Little Flower Catholic Parish. Tom picked up dancing as a hobby in 2014 and joined the staff at The Ballroom Company in 2016. In his spare time, Tom enjoys board games, perfecting card tricks, and spending time with his girlfriend, Sarah.

Andrea Rupley started dancing at the age of four and has trained in various styles throughout her life including ballet, jazz, contemporary, lyrical, hip hop and tap. She started competing in ballroom dance and was very active in the ballroom dance club during her college years. She has since graduated from University of Toledo with her bachelor’s degree in accounting and has been teaching at The Ballroom Company since 2017. Andrea has been performing for nearly two decades, and since turning professional, she has competed in numerous regional competitions in the 9-dance category. There is nothing that she loves more than to dance and looks forward to continuing pursuing her career as a professional dancer.

A Toledo native, Dave Ludlow graduated from the University of Toledo with a bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering. He started dancing 8 years ago at The Ballroom Company as he was about to get married, then he forgot to stop after the wedding. Dave is also a computer programmer, flight instructor, scuba diver, and has a certain flair for the Argentine Tango. He like bad puns, corny movies, and long walks on the beach.

Chelsea Oswald first began dancing in 2011 at Bowling Green State University. She started teaching at BGSU, then with Swing Ann Arbor in 2017, and in 2018 she joined the staff at The Ballroom Company. Chelsea leads and follows in Lindy Hop, Charleston, Balboa, and St. Louis Shag, and is a co-founder of a dance trio that enjoys choreographing performances for a diverse audience.

Born and raised in Toledo, Heather Ward attended Woodward High School as part of the class of ’88. Prior to joining The Ballroom Company staff, Heather taught and performed for Alfredo’s dance studio from the fall of 2010 to the summer of 2018. Heather has prepared many students for regional competitions and has over a decade of showcase and performance experience. Heather would describe herself as a “Vintage Girl” who loves old movies, motorcycles, and listening to her husband’s band play.

Michael Rich has always felt a connection to music and would deconstruct dance moves or invent his own long before dedicated training. He didn't start formally dancing until 2017 when he and his wife-to-be began studying ballroom dance for their wedding at Alfredo’s Studio of Dance. He had left such an impression on Alfredo Horna that Mike and his wife were recommended to The Ballroom Company as future instructors when he decided to retire. Michael transitioned from helping teach group classes at Alfredo's in 2017 to teaching at TBC in 2018. His favorite style of dance is currently West Coast Swing, in which he hopes to specialize. Michael also likes to stay active with mountain biking, training his two large breed dogs, and being competitive through computer games.

Kandis Rich has been interested in many forms of dance for most of her life, dabbling in ballet in first grade, and contemporary or group dance throughout elementary school. She found her first real opportunity to devote time and energy to the art of dance the year she was engaged. Dance lessons aimed at the "first dance" for her wedding led Kandis and her soon-to-be husband to Alfredo's Studio of Dance. The couple enjoyed it so much that they began to teach group lessons in 2017. When Alfredo Horna retired in 2018, Kandis and her husband joined the TBC team and the rest, as they say, is history. In addition to dance, Kandis enjoys archery, martial arts, rock climbing, and scrapbooking.